A Prevention and Self-Awareness Program
Crime can happen anywhere, at anytime and to anyone.

Sifu Berry has drawn extensively upon the experiences of female martial artists, 16 years with the Department of Corrections, and his own familiarity with conflict to create a realistic and informative seminar series that is both readily accessible and applicable to a variety of situations.

The clinic's focus will be three-fold: prevention, awareness, and basic self-defense. Participants will quickly find that greater situational awareness and slight modifications to everyday behavior can actually prevent many violent encounters from ever occurring, and the simple defensive techniques taught in the clinic can easily be employed by people of all ages and fitness levels if an encounter should ever escalate to physical assault.

What You Will Learn:

* How to recognize potentially dangerous situations and avoid them.
* To assess situations quickly and respond decisively.
* The different types of offenders, their unique characteristics, and how best to handle each one.
* Verbal and physical tools to end an attempted assault and get to safety.
* Safety tips use for the home, traveling, driving, shopping, etc.
* Knowledge, skills and an attitude that leads to greater self-confidence

Seminar Progression and Customization:

Informed Encounters is designed to help you learn how to outthink the criminal, minimize your chances of being attacked, and ultimately deal with both violent and nonviolent situations alike.

The Seminar is a unique and comprehensive program, containing safety and self-defense information and training designed to empower women via fun, skill-based, and interactive modules. We offer a variety of on-site seminars to fit your company, school, or organization's needs, with everything from lectures to intensive and specialized hands-on training. All programs can also be conducted as part of a larger conference or event if need be.

Our offerings range from 1 or 3-hour introductory seminars to a full 5-hour in-depth course, with all types having been presented to a diverse range of clients in the past. We can custom tailor programs of various lengths and address specialized needs on a per-client basis, and although the beginner's seminar is required before moving on to any of the more advanced instruction, make no mistake: even the introductory seminar is of immense value in its own right.


Despite certain similarities it is important to remember that this is not a martial arts class. While some of the physical and psychological techniques may be similar, the program itself is a meant as a concise and practical method of self-preservation, with physical confrontation always being an option of last resort. Please bear this in mind at all times.

Please contact us at sifu001@aol.com for more information about customizing a program to meet your needs.