Certified Instructors of the Chinese Kung-Fu Club of DeKalb


Sifu Shawn Bernal

Black Sash, 1st Level Sifu
Instructor's Rank in 2008

I first became interested in martial arts when I was 4 years old watching the old Bruce Lee films and Samurai Sunday. My formal martial arts training started in 1986 in the art of Isshin Ryu Karate. Throughout the years, I studied other various styles including Seito Matsumura Ryu, Shorei Ryu, and Tae Kwon Do/ Hapkido. After studying these traditional Japanese and Korean styles for 11-12 years, I still had higher interest in Chinese styles. Unfortunately, Kung Fu was never offered in the area I grew up in. When I decided to get my Bachelor's degree at Northern Illinois University in 1998,

I met a random student that was talking about a Chinese Kung Fu Club on campus. Once I heard the details, I had to observe the class myself. After observing the kung fu class for the first time, I was drawn into the club by watching Sifu Berry's fighting drills that incorporated a mixture of different strikes and Chi Na (joint locks). Hand techniques were a weakness of mine at the time. After observing this unique style and having approval from the Sifu to train, I instantly signed up for the class. I have to admit, after many years of training, the art of Kung Fu was the first of styles to not only challenge me physically, but mentally as well. After several years of training with the club, I have learned to be a well rounded fighter, student, and teacher. Sifu Arthur Berry has not only become one of my favorite instructors over time, but has also become a personal father figure. And for the first time after training with 4 other schools, the Chinese Kung Fu Club of DeKalb is the first martial arts school to become my second family. Whether I am still training with them or not, they will always be my fellow kung fu brothers and sisters.

The Chinese Kung-Fu Club
1950 DeKalb Ave Suite D
Sycamore Illinois 60178
e-mail Sifu001@aol.com

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