Sifu got his fame the old fashioned way in rib making: He worked hard for it. I was fortunate to have some old school rib masters, family and friends who shared their techniques and ideas on good tasting ribs, so it is to them and the many rib and sauce makers before me that I owe my thanks. I have found that good rib making is like life, in that there's something you can learn from nearly everyone. A lot of hard work, the right ingredients, experience and timing will take you a long way toward making good ribs today. I have found the happy looks on people's faces make it a worthwhile and pleasurable experience.

I was the oldest of four children and was expected to do things like start the grill and get the charcoal together. As I got older and preparing and grilling the meat also became my responsibility, something important became clear to me: good barbecue rub recipes could turn otherwise ordinary cookouts into mouthwateringly memorable ones! Special skills or knowledge were not necessary; instead, some simple techniques paired with "Da Love" were all that was truly required.

My Favorite Barbeque Tips:
*Have an idea of what style of cut you'd prefer: Baby back and spare ribs are both great choices, and removing their tips makes for tasty finger food.

*Thoroughly season with a dry or wet rub and slowly pre-bake for several hours before grilling to ensure tender, delicious ribs.

*Add wood chips to the grill before cooking, which can help flavor the meat and bring out the taste of your barbeque sauce of choice, be it hot and spicy or mild and sweet!


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