Certified Instructors of the Chinese Kung-Fu Club of DeKalb


Sifu Jim Eul

Black Sash, 1st Level Sifu
Certified Instructor's Rank in 2009

I first started learning kung fu in 1999, and then I had to come back and start college. I was very new at learning the arts but I knew I was hooked for life already. After searching around for a few months in DeKalb trying to find a Sifu of quality and true kung fu I found Sifu Berry. It made me really nervous at first that I heard he only took 4-8 students a year because I knew I had to get in and had to do what it took to have him accept me as a student. As of the beginning of 2000 I began my training with the Kung Fu Club of DeKalb.

Sifu's school is one of a kind. Ever since the first day of class you feel like you are part of a group and an even bigger family. This is due to the teaching style of Sifu Berry and originally Grand Master Chin Ho Yin. The mix of styles that he teaches have their own characteristics to them to help you grown and learn with the perfect balance of hard and soft forms, and fighting techniques. We practice everyday the importance of mental focus, and physical drive to prepare your body the best it can for you to train in kung fu and martial arts. Internal training and breathing is just as important as training your muscles and building strength.

Kung Fu for me, simply, drives the rest of my life. Kung fu is not a hobby, it's not something you do to get in shape, its not something you do because it looks cool. Kung Fu is simply a way of life. My life revolves around when I can train, when I can now teach and when to heal. Kung Fu has helped me through lots of difficult times in my life where it would have been real easy to quit, or not come back, but there is so much knowledge out there and I know I only know a tiny, tiny portion of it, I have to stay to find out as much as I can and spread this to others! I now travel an hour each way just to be in his class and be apart of the club.

I have had the honor of training and learning from all of the previous Sifu's and I thank them for all their individual input to the club and dedication. I hope to one day follow in the footsteps of Sifu Berry and be a great instructor, excellent role model and friend to my students and keep the Chinese kung Fu Club of DeKalb a tight family. I am humbled by the opportunity Sifu Berry has giving me and will due the best to meet his expectations.


The Chinese Kung-Fu Club
1950 DeKalb Ave Suite D
Sycamore Illinois 60178
e-mail Sifu001@aol.com

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