The Chinese Kung-Fu Club of DeKalb important events of the year

Certificate Party: The most important event of the year. This is when all students receive their new rank and have a chance to express their appreciation for the club. A large dinner is held and after we finish eating, certificates are presented and acceptance speeches are made by each member. It is truly a grand occasion and usually takes place during the third week in April.

Bike Ride: Many members of our club love to bike ride. Each year in the spring, the club has a 20 mile bike ride through a local bike path. Usually, Sifu also teaches some secret gung fu surprises for us which we are very eager to learn! At the end of the trip, we enjoy a well earned lunch.

Picnic: During the third week in July, our club annually throws a picnic at Starved Rock Park in Utica, Illinois. Sifu cooks up his famous Bar-B-Q ribs and we all contribute food to have a grand feast. Club members often participate in a hike through the park and enjoy outside games. Members and guests have a wonderful opportunity to relax in the beautiful park.

Yearly Clinics: During the course of the year, Sifu will hold various weapon and open hand clinics that teach gung fu techniques outside of regular class. Clinics range from
chin na to simple weapons.

Health Clinics: The latest addition to our yearly events. We invite health specialists and professionals to educate and present health tips and philosophies. Our latest health clinic included a presentation given by a doctor who is a specialist in acupuncture, Chinese medicine and sports medicine. It is our plan to have a specific Health Clinic every 90 days.

Winter Dinner: Over the past three years, the club has gathered around the winter holiday time to enjoy each others' company over a large dinner hosted at a club member's house. The dinner helps promote our family atmosphere and gives us a reason to watch great gung-fu movies! this gives us all a chance to know each other better.

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