Our School History

The Chinese Kung-Fu Club of DeKalb was founded by Sifu Arthur Berry in 1979. He began by teaching only a few students. His students were mainly college students and friends. The class began with only 4 students and now has grown to a class of over 40. Sifu Berry carefully selects his students to ensure that only those who are serious in studying traditional Kung-Fu are invited to join the class. His classes are small and very personalized guarantee the true feeling of having a Sifu.

To Sifu Berry, a Sifu is not only a teacher, but a father and mentor as well. Members of the club include mainly college students from the local university, but also professors, community participants, local martial artists, and those who travel great distances to study with Sifu Berry. Some of his students have expanded and are now living and/or teaching all over the country and the world, including Greece and Germany. Those near and far to the club add to a long tradition of not letting their dedication lessen over time and distance. Those who move on and away still keep in contact with the Chinese Kung-Fu Club of DeKalb family and find that they are forever welcomed both by the new and old members.

Sifu Berry strongly emphasizes a family atmosphere in his club. Everyone who learns and teaches is a brother or sister to each and every one who enters the club. As a family, the students help each other achieve their potential and be the best they can be. More experienced students use what they already know to help out the newer students. Through this, there is a great balance that helps the class improve as a whole. It is very important to Sifu Berry that all students, not just a few select individuals, achieve a high level of Kung-Fu.

The club meets three days a week for three hours each class. The class structure is broken up into several sections, so that many topics of study can be addressed. These topics include chi-kung exercises, simulated technique study, body training, coordination drills, mind focus exercises, traditional forms and self defense. Special care is taken by the instructor to make sure that there is a heavy emphasis given to the study of traditional Kung-Fu and not just having a class of fighting. His students reflect his philosophy and are also schooled in history and style.

As a school, Sifu Berry and his students have achieved much success in both local and national tournaments. They compete regularly and are known throughout the Midwest as a quality martial arts school. They continue to show great amounts of respect, both for their art and the arts of others.

The official Chinese Kung-Fu Club of DeKalb style is considered to be Northern Shaolin mixed with Tai Praying Mantis Kung-Fu. These two styles complement each other in an extremely rare and unique blend. Both the teachers and students of the club hope to keep alive the style and tradition of the Kung-Fu which they have been taught.

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