Certified Instructors of the Chinese Kung-Fu Club of DeKalb


Sifu David Lazzara

Black Sash, 1st Level Sifu;
Certified Instructor's Rank in 2006


Sifu of the year 2006 David Lazzara of the Chinese Kung-fu of DeKalb

I first met Sifu Berry in the summer of 1999. I had been interested in Asian culture for many years prior to this and had dabbled in some other martial arts as well as studied Buddhism. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Accordingly, when I had decided to train martial arts seriously, as an act of pursuing enlightenment, I happened upon Sifu Berry and his students. I have met few people that deserve the title of Sifu as much as Arthur Berry, as he is truly an embodiment of what the word means. Once deciding to take me as his pupil, he quickly dispelled my many misconceptions about what it means to practice kung fu, and has taught me what it means to be a real martial artist.

Over time, I have grown close to my brothers and sisters in the club, and look to Sifu Berry as a second father. Since Sifu Berry puts his students before profits, it is no wonder that our club functions like a family, and has strong, intimate ties between its members. I received a teacher's rank in 2006 and currently continue to practice and assist teaching with the club. I also practice Qigong and Taijiquan and occasionally conduct workshops on weapons and Qigong for club members. It is my desire to in the future study Chinese Medicine as well in an effort to benefit the community. I am forever indebted to Sifu Berry and the love and support of my kung fu family, as without them, my world would be dark and meaningless.

The Chinese Kung-Fu Club
1950 DeKalb Ave Suite D
Sycamore Illinois 60178
e-mail Sifu001@aol.com

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