Chuan Fa T’sang Shu the Kung-Fu Library

One obligation of a good sifu is to make sure his/her students stay true to the traditional teachings of the martial arts. After all this is an art that is passed from generation to generation and its only defense against corruption is to sow the seeds of authenticity within the pupil. A good way to accomplish this is to instill in the student the history and the philosophy behind the martial arts, therefore bringing about an overstanding of what is studied. This idea was the driving force behind the creation of Chuan Fa T’Sang Shu. Sifu Arthur Berry, in his vision and infinite wisdom, recognized the need to restore the scholarly and spiritual aspects of the martial arts in order to create a wholistic learning experience.

It is by no means an accident that the origin and proliferation of the martial arts has been centered around spiritual institutions, concepts, and philosophies; whether the culture be African, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, or other. As you begin to learn more about the art you study you will come to realize that its just not a sport, or a way to lose weight, or a competition to win trophies, but it’s a path to physical, mental, and spiritual enlightenment. The real gung fu is an exploration, study, and discovery of the mind and spirit through the medium of the body, and vice versa. Whether you recognize this or not, gung fu will benefit your overall well-being. But if you study and train with the knowledge of these concepts, then your development as a martial artist will be more profound. So we invite you to embark upon this journey into the realms of the martial arts through our humble library.

- Aaron Davis - 2003 Co founder Chuan Fa T’sang Shu

What can the martial library offer you:

· A growing selection of provocative book titles covering a wide spectrum of topics.

· Hundreds of rare martial arts magazines filled with in-depth articles from the early 1970’s to present day.

· A full video archive containing movies, training tapes, club tournament footage, documentaries and more.

· Multimedia options including interactive CD-Roms, DVD’s, CVD’s, internet access, popular and informative web sites, etc…

Library Rules (Ten Commandments):

1. Only club members in good standing may have access to the library.
2. Library times are posted, additional time must be set up with Sifu Berry in advance.
3. All materials must be properly checked out by Sifu Berry or an authorized library staff member. Items with a fluorescent label will not be allowed to leave the library.
4. Items are checked out on a first come, first serve basis. If an item you want is checked out, your name will go on a list until the item becomes available.
5. Magazine articles and videos are due back one week from the check out date, and books are due back two weeks from the check-out date.
6. Late fees of two dollars per day per item will be applied to all overdue materials. Any outstanding debt accumulated from the use of the library will be subject to the same rules as outstanding class dues (see class rules).
7. Do not write in, dog ear, highlight, or in any way mar the materials from the library. All materials should be treated with the utmost respect and care.
8. Lost or damaged materials must be compensated in a timely manner.
9. All materials should be put back in their proper place after use.
10. Only authorized library staff members may alter or add information to the data base.

Help make the martial library even better.

The Chuan Fa T’sang Shu is a collaboration of resources between the members of the Chinese Kung-Fu Club of DeKalb. All the material in the library has been donated, organized, and maintained by club members. In order to continue making the library a place where knowledge and new ideas are cultivated, we need your input and cooperation. You can help by donating your time, information, and/or money.


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