Dedication to Grand Master Chin Ho Yin

This page is dedicated to the life and memory of Grand Master Chin Ho Yin - a master of the Northern Shaolin System for over 60 years. It was Sifu Arthur Berry's honor and privilege to study under and personally know Grand Master Chin Ho Yin for nearly 6 years.

The spirit of Grand Master Chin Ho Yin lives on in this life and in the school of Sifu Arthur Berry, where students feel Yin's presence through the handing down of one of mankind's greatest gifts.

Chin Ho Yin was born in Shandong, China in December 1903. It is believed that the Northern Shaolin Kung-Fu System that he practiced came from a Shandong Taoist temple in that region of China. During the political and cultural upheaval that culminated in the Communist victory in China, Yin served as a general in the Nationalist Forces.

Following the collapse of Nationalist China, Yin moved to Taiwan where he opened a Kung-Fu school and personally taught over 3,000 students. It was there that he built his Kung-Fu legion and taught and trained many students to follow in the traditional ways of Northern Shaolin Kung-Fu. Many of Master Yin's students in Taiwan and America are still practicing the famous Northern Shaolin System.

In 1976, Grand Master Yin opened the Chinese Kung-Fu Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. During his stay in the United States, Grand Master Yin strived to learn the culture of the American people so he could effectively teach them. Although his knowledge of the English language was limited (Yin had not taken up much of the study of the English language until he was in his seventies), he still managed to reach those whom he taught. To explain various techniques and lessons, he used highly expressive gestures, voices and demonstrations to clarify his actual words. His spirit and good nature charmed all of his students as he tried his hardest to create students who would eventually pass on the Kung-Fu which he held so dear.

When Sifu Berry met Chin Ho Yin, the Grand Master was a devoted leader of the Chinese Community in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There, Grand Master Yin taught Northern Shaolin Kung- Fu and Wu Style Tai Chi, practiced Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and acupressure, and authored Chinese calligraphy. Grand Master Yin died in June of 1988 at the age of 85. Since his death, it is believed that only a few of Yin's students continue to honor his memory by sharing Kung-Fu with students who would never have the opportunity to learn from him in person.

All information regarding history, style and about all masters on this web page is stated to the best of our knowledge. Through our research and findings, we have reported what we could to state only truthful information.
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