Certified Instructors of the Chinese Kung-Fu Club of DeKalb


Sifu Zephen Specht 2004

Black Sash 1st Level Sifu
Certified Instructor's Rank in 2004


Since 1998 I have had the pleasure of training under Sifu Arthur Berry and to represent his school at many of the local martial arts tournaments. I have also enjoyed meeting and working with a lot of different people through the Chinese Kung-Fu club of DeKalb. Each of them has helped me, in their own way, to become the person that I am today.

The core curriculum consists of two physically distinct styles: Northern Shaolin and Green Dragon Tai Praying Mantis. I believe they complement each other mentally. The Shaolin has been the base for my forms training, with 12-step Tan Tui as the most important form that I have learned, since it trains the body how to powerfully strike from many different positions and angles. The Tai Praying Mantis also has interesting forms, but I feel I have benefited the most from the two-man drills that originated from the Green Dragon system.

My main interest in the art has been studying the many weapons that Sifu Arthur Berry has learned throughout the years, which include Chinese, Okinawa, and Japanese implements. While I may never use any of these weapons in a fight, I feel that learning how to handle a weapon and making it a part of you gives you new insights into how the human body works and how far you can push yourself.

The Chinese Kung-Fu Club
1950 DeKalb Ave Suite D
Sycamore Illinois 60178
e-mail Sifu001@aol.com

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