What is Chinese Kung-Fu

Kung-Fu, which originated in the Shaolin Temple in China over 4,000 years ago, is considered to be the oldest Martial Art in the world. It is a highly effective method of self-discipline incorporating breathing techniques to those used in Yoga, body conditioning, ancient exercises, and various methods of fighting techniques. The Kung-fu style uses powerful, graceful dance-like techniques, with considerable emphasis on leg techniques, arm techniques, and mental discipline.

The practice of Kung-Fu consists of self-defense, fitness and self-confidence; the mental and physical discipline used in Kung-Fu has benefits for everyone. Self-confidence grows with time in the class, with a calm and more peaceful persona typically developing. Kung-Fu removes a lot of insecurity and doubt from an individual and therefore removes a lot of internal emotional conflict, leading to a more harmonious and balanced life style.

The teacher is referred to simply as Sifu, which means teacher, founder or head of the school, father, and head of the system; assistant teachers have their first names preceded by the title of Sifu but are also commonly referred to as older brothers or sisters.
Certain traditional behaviors were established in past schools and handed down to the present. One of these is bowing. This is a gesture of respect, trust, and courtesy.

1. Bow upon entering or leaving the workout area to show respect for the school.
2. Bow when beginning to train with a chosen partner for the honor of practicing with them.
3. Bow when leaving a training partner as a way of thanking them.

Physical aspects:
Kung-fu is the art of striking and grappling. It is a combination of punches, kicks and strikes with long and short ranges, grappling, joint locks, and strangling and nerve holds designed to restrain an opponent.
Used as a fighting system, it will increase aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, muscular development, fitness, agility, flexibility, balance and co-ordination.

Mental aspects:
No matter what the reason was that prompted you to begin training, be it for fitness, self-defense or whatever else, the bottom line is you want to improve yourself physically. While this will occur naturally during the course of your training, other more subtle changes also take place.
You will find that your ability to react calmly under stress improves, you will be able to concentrate or focus on any given task more easily, and you find yourself developing a far-reaching mental and spiritual strength that compliments your physical abilities.

Spiritual aspects:
Applying the principles of Kung-fu to your everyday life will help you achieve true victory over the circumstances and adversities we all face in our family lives, jobs and other daily affairs. It is toward this end that we strive to maintain and live up to the principals by which past Kung-fu Masters lived.

One of the main flaws which we must guard against as Martial Artists is arrogance. This is why the responsibilities of discipline and respect must be adhered to. It is important that as a Martial Artist you must maintain the strength of character to uphold the rules and values of our school and style. We are very proud to be able to say that we can trace our Kung Fu lineage back through Sifu Arthur Berry, to Grandmaster Yin in China and beyond.

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